Crochet Ribbons

Our crochet ribbons are produced on the latest generation Comez looms. They are usually manufactured in sizes from 4mm to 120mm and in various typologies according to customers' needs. Crochet ribbons are mainly used for the outdoor wear, underwear, sportswear and technical clothing industries, as well as for home textiles, e.g. tablecloths, bed sheets, mattress covers..

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Elastic Braid

Our elastic braid is mainly used in the paper converting industry for the production of notebooks, agendas, and folders. It can be customized and printed upon request. In addition, the elastic braid is used for the production of various manufacturers of specific applications in the automotive industry

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Rigid Cords

Our rigid cords are manufactured on two different production lines: braiding machines and needle looms. They are used for various applications in several industries, e.g. clothing industry with particular attention to beachwear, home textile industry.

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Elastic Cords

Our elastic cords are manufactured on braiding machines and needle braiding machines in different diameters from 1,5mm to 5mm, and even more upon request. They are mainly used for the production of graphics and stationery items, for sports and outdoor clothing, and for several technical applications.

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